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26 November 2012

Thanks for made my day.

23 November 2012 hari tu, genaplah 3 tahun aku dengan dia, Muhammad Azeem Zakaria. So we choosed the first place we met 3 years ago as a place for us to celebrate our 3rd anni. So, here we go!

After we bought a couple of movie ticket, we moved to Seoul Garden. Jyeahh! Damn love it!! (^_^)v
Tapi kali ni ajim macam tak makan banyak :P Aku rasa aku pulak yang melantak bebanyak. Malu pun ada-HAHA

I do love this picture so much! Masa ni, we all tengah trying to construct any kind of annoying sentences *Idea ajim*-HAHA But I do love this part xoxo :*

And... this is the card! See see ajim pilih card untuk aku mcm girlish gilaa kan warna pink hihi ;) But I don't even care how it look from the outside. But I really care about the contents. Dalam card yang Ajim bagi aku, dia gilaa punya bajet cakap dia handsome apa semua-HAHA *Dia tak tahu kot gf dia ni lagi hottestttt :P* Plus Ajim boleh buat perbandingan pulak time we all baru kenal, dengan skrg. I mean, 57kg to 67kg. Ya Allah 10kg babee!! :O

My sister said, u guys are very poyo, immature-HAHA yeaa maybe that's our chemistry ;)

Even ayat aku dalam card tu agak macam annoying, but I know you could find something sincere in it (^_^)

Ehh notice something takk? Gambar kami berdua takde? Kan kan? Erghh sangat sangat tidak puas hati. Even dah balik rumah pun rasa macam terkilan sebab lupa nak snap gambar berdua. Time anni pulak tuuu. How could it be?? T_T

Dear God, Thanks for made him stepped into my life. He is really a precious gift for me. I don't even care how does he look physically, but I do care how does he look internally. And you're one of the person I'm afraid of losing. Thanks for always being beside me. Let's put a hope that our relation will be last eternally. Much Love, Nara. xoxo :*

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