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25 October 2013

You're Sugar To My Tea.

HELLO Azeem! It has been so long since I didn't write anything for you kan kan? I wrote this entry for you and I hope I will be able to draw a smile on your face and grows a bouquet flowers in your heart. Or else i will punch you in stomach :)

Both of this! The very first picture of us.  Taken by my old friend, Atul, during her 15th birthday. That date was 16 December 2009. Do you still remember sayang?

This picture when you was 16 and I was 15.  Both of us look young and thin. Do we? HAHA
I will never forget how we meet, our first meet, our first message, how you propose me, our first date, the moment when you make your first move and hold my hand and everything about us.

Yeahh it has been 4 years ago.  Next 23rd November is our day right? Wishing for a great celebration and well spend of time with you baby.

I just want you to know that, i had never regret of spending these beautiful 4 years with you.  Everyday you make me feels like, I fall in love with you again and again. Yeahh we had fight. I mad at you. You mad at me. But trust me, it had made our bond more strong now.

Muhammad Azeem Zakaria, Jetaime!

Love, Intan Nazira. 

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